The 4 C's

The most popular certificate for grading is GIA. The graphs on our website reflect this grading system.

  • Carat:

    Refers to the weight of the stone. There are 100 points in a carat.

  • Colour:

    This simply refers to the whiteness or colorless of a stone. White stones, in order of pure whiteness, are graded as follows from D to Z.

  • Fancy Colours:

    Fancy colour diamonds are pink, red, blue, natural green, champagne, yellow, and combinations of the aforementioned.

    Certain Fancy Colour Diamonds can be very expensive. Argyle diamonds and blue diamonds are examples of premium Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

    Certain Fancy Coloured Diamonds also have their own grading system, for example, Argyle Diamonds.

    If you are seeking these stones use our inventory to search for them or contact us directly and we will guide you to the right one. We do not list Argyle Diamonds on the search currently. We offer a bespoke collection.

  • Clarity:

    Refers to the number of visible marks in or on the stone. The main ones to be aware of are inclusions, either black or white. Inclusions on the underside of the stone or side of the stone are often not visible once the stone is in a setting.

  • Cut:

    Refers to the dimensions of the stone. They range from ideal to poor and reflect the Cut, Polish and Symmetry in Round Brilliant and Polish & Symmetry in Fancy Shape Diamonds.